Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace is a book by James Montgomery Boice that details the five solas of the reformation and applies them to worship.

What is attractive about this book is the historical and theological explanation of these things especially for someone who has never heard of them.

The chapter on Grace Alone (Sola Gratia) is a good introduction to the second book called The Doctrines of Grace. The Doctrines of Grace by Boice is what helped me discover Calvinism in a good light.

Another thing I really like about this book is that it is available on Audible to listen to, while the other is not yet. So, as a recommendation, I would encourage people to get familiar with some of the important matters of the reformation by beginning here. And then read the second book called The Doctrines of Grace thereafter.

Whatever happened to_____________? is the idea of the first book. You know, you here that said about a movie star or public figure. Whatever happened to so and so? It’s usually not a good thing because their career failed or something. But in this case, the question is being asked because the gospel of grace has gone missing and needs to be rediscovered in today’s evangelicalism.