I share some of the books I am reading to encourage others to read, discussion, and to point people where to get good books, especially locally.

This is probably my favorite book right now. Powlison left a legacy behind of biblical counseling, and many say this is him at his best. I enjoy the short chapters that are full of well-thought out material. Some write good, others are pithy and able to not only write good, but do so in fewer words; Powlison is the latter. I picked this up also at my doctor’s office (see below).

I picked up this book at my doctor’s office (he’s a reformed brother who stocks books in his office for patients, I highly recommend swinging by Wilmington Health in Jax and viewing his bookshelf in the hallway, lots of good items!). I purchased it to read a chapter on special needs. I like the chapters are short and well thought through. I may not read the whole thing right now, but it is a very handy reference.

I’m listening to this on Audible. It’s fantastic thus far. There are some caveats that some give me on Frame’s view of God’s knowledge, so I expect as with any, I won’t agree on everything. But Frame’s Lordship worldview is an exceptional contribution, so far as I have listened. I’m looking forward to hearing more.

I’m reading this on Kindle on my computer. It’s an interesting read that I picked up for a few dollars (on sale). I’m not sure if I’ll finish it. It’s a large book with long chapters. I’m told if you can get half-way through, it really gets delightful. We’ll see. I like what I am reading so far, just a bigger project than I anticipated.