A few books I just picked up are: Created to Draw Near by Edward T. Welch, Warren Wiersbe’s commentary on 1 Kings, and Going Deeper with New Testament Greek by K√∂stenberger, Merkle, and Plummer.

Created to Draw Near is off to a good start. The matter of priesthood of the believer is a topic that Baptist especially treasure. I don’t think Welch is a Baptist, but he perhaps should be if not! Nonetheless, I enjoy his writing and this one is sure to deliver.

A second book I picked up was Wiersbe’s commentary on 1 Kings. I saw it a very good price on kindle today $2.99 and added since I don’t have the set. It’s great for ideas, outlining, and theological reflection in sermon prep.

Going Deeper was recommended to me by a pastor friend especially for studying what is called the “aspect” in Greek grammar. I’m in a Greek study group that is challenging me to keep up my Greek!