Thursday’s are for pastors. This morning I read through Chapter 2 of Spurgeon’s All Around Ministry. There was much to glean, but I will mention just a couple of items. “Couple” means two! Even though when I use that word out and about I hear some ask in response, how many? I say “two” “a couple!” So here are a couple of things:

1. Pastor’s take heart that you will never arrive in preaching. Spurgeon puts it this way,

“If there is a brother…who thinks he can preach as well as he should, I would advise him to leave off altogether. If he did so, he would be acting as wisely as the great painter who broke his palette, and, turning to his wife said, ‘My painting days are over, for I have satisfied myself, and therefore I am sure my power is gone.’”

Lloyd-Jones says in a similar way somewhere that it is each time we go up to preach that we go up hoping that we will actually do so. Our lives and ministries are largely attempts to preach, and we really never arrive. It can always be improved. so make efforts to do so.

2. Pastor’s take holiness as a chief matter.  A man is too full of the Holy Spirit is never said by anyone, ever. We are not talking mere morality, but putting off Adam and putting on Christ–both! Spurgeon says, “holiness is life.” If you fail in other things, don’t fail in this! You must on one hand know where Adam has left you, but on the other hand, know where the Spirit has placed you. Similarly to never arriving at preaching, we shall never arrive in this area. Spurgeon aptly says, 

“Saints of sixty years’ experience, who have walked with him every day, think they know him; but they are only beginning to know him yet. The perfect spirits before the throne, who have been for five thousand years perpetually adoring him, perhaps think they know him, but they do not to the full. ‘No man knoweth the Son, but the Father.’ He is so glorious that only infinite God has full knowledge of him, therefore there will be no limit to our study, or narrowness in our line of thought, if we make our Lord the great object of all our thoughts and researches.”

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