I finished reading James R. White’s book The Forgotten Trinity today; well I actually listened to it on Audible, which I highly recommend.

The book appears at first to be written for everyone, but my opinion on the matter is that a little bit of knowledge of Greek would be helpful. Therefore, I think the aim of the book toward everyone is probably overly ambitious. It is probably best for pastors and seminary students.

That being said, the book is tremendously helpful in educating the reader about the Trinity. In particular, White’s working through the prologue of John’s Gospel is gold! This is where the books shines in my estimation.

Nonetheless, the rest of the book is also very well written, approachable with a little education, and I would dare say something that should be put essential on the bookshelves of evangelical ministers.

Be sure to check it out; and again, I heartily recommend the audible version as a way to get exposed to this material. And then pick up the print copy to reference. Gospel Cheers!