We brought in the year 2020 watching the movie Overcomer by the Kendrick brothers. In the movie, the principle of the school shares the gospel with the main character and she receives Christ. When she does, the first thing that she is told to do is to read Ephesians 1–2 and write down who they are in Christ.

This is a fantastic place to begin for new believers—Ephesians 1–2. Understanding one’s Christian identity is vital for the Christian life; that is likely why the apostle begins Ephesians with such rich theology before Christian practice.

But Ephesians 2 is not merely about Christian identity. It begins with the spiritual blessings in Christ (Eph 1:3–14) but also includes a wonderful model for prayer (Eph 1:15–22) and goes on to speak of one’s new relationship with God that is now opposed to the Satan that the believer formerly followed (Eph 2:1–10) and one’s new relationship with the church (Eph 2:11–22).

So, I commend the advice, howbeit advised in a movie, it is good for real life.