I’ve had the privilege of being a part of compassion ministry through a local church in Greensboro for a couple of years. But rarely have I been able to put into words what I naturally saw there and in other places where it just seems right. The waiting is over. Today, I found these words in a review of Marvin Olasky’s book The Tragedy of American Compassion:

“the A-B-Cs of compassion to describe good poverty-fighting. Olasky summarizes those in WORLD’s upcoming Effective Compassion podcast. First, he says, help should be challenging. Whenever possible, we want to gently and wisely push people to reach their God-created potential. Second, help should be personal. God made us to reach out and care for one another as individuals. Third, help should be spiritual. Our greatest need is a restored relationship with God.”


So I take from this three memorable points about compassion ministry. Compassion ministry needs to be:

  1. Challenging (pushing people to reach their God-given potential)
  2. Personal (reaching out to care for people as individuals)
  3. Spiritual (bringing people into a restored relationship with God)

Those are the ABC’s of compassion ministry.