“It is essential to ‘stand fast in the faith’ when we are assailed by doubt. And it is essential as against feelings. If we trust to our feelings, and to our moods, the time will come when we shall be feeling miserable. We shall wake up in the morning feeling tired and lethargic, and the question will come to us, Why go on with it? I do not feel like going on with it. There is only one answer when you feel like that. It is the faith, the truth– it is our only means of happiness. It is essential also against the facts of life. There come ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’, illness comes, disappointment comes, difficult circumstances arise, a world war takes place, our profession is lost, our business is gone, sorrow knocks at the door of your home, and someone dearer than life is taken away, death comes, either in battle, or on the sea, or in the air, or quietly in a room. How can I face the facts of life? There is but one way. ‘Stand fast in the faith.’ It has envisaged all these things. It has provided for them all; it covers them all. It is faith for life. It is faith for death. it is the faith for all eternity. ‘Stand fast in the faith’.”

~David Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Volume Two, p.30