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10am & 6pm

We have services at 10am and 6pm every Sunday because this is the Lord’s Day. Christians worship on Sunday because we believe a new creation has begun with Christ raised from the dead. Christ is on the throne, alive, conquered death, sin, and Satan, and is coming again to judge the living and the dead. We attend services on the Lord’s Day out of evangelical obedience to God in the fourth commandment.  If you have not come to know the Lord yet, may we invite you to go to the ESV Bible website and begin reading Genesis 1:1, and pour out your heart to God asking him to teach you. We are sure if you do, in time you will be attending services out of gladness for God’s grace soon.

If you are visiting with us for the first time, you may benefit from knowing the order of service before you come. You will be handed a bulletin when you arrive with specifics. Below describes how we set apart the Lord’s Day in worship.

A Welcome & Prayer

Pastor Mann opens the service with a welcome to members and guests, and leads in prayer for God’s help in worship.

Responsive Scripture Reading

One of our men will come and lead in the reading of the Scripture with the church. The leader will read the regular print, and the congregation the bold. Readings will come from the English Standard Version of the Bible located in the Hymns of Grace Hymnal

Hymns of Grace

We sing two hymns before the offertory, and one at the close of service, selected from the Hymns of Grace hymnal. Our musicians and song leader Mrs. Pansy Horne guide us through this time.


The same man who leads our reading for this day will also lead in prayer and with the help of another take up voluntary offerings for the support of the gospel work. 


Pastor Mann reads a passage and explains it to those attending the service.

Lord’s Supper

As minister of Word and Sacrament, the Pastor continues into administration of the Lord’s Supper. Communion is restricted to those who are members of the church and those visiting from other churches who share a broadly reformed faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. We encourage those not in obedience to Christ to seek the Lord in prayer during this time. 

Closing Song & Benediction

Our song leader and other musicians will return to lead us in praise from the Hymns of Grace Hymnal. Afterwards, Pastor Mann closes us in a blessing/prayer. 

Return for Evening Service

The evening service begins with song. We study the Bible using Answers In Genesis Bible Curriculum, and close with song and prayer. This is the Lord’s Day, not just the Lord’s morning, so we encourage all to set apart the day with evangelical obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ. 

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