No Place for Tyranny, A Sermon on 1 Kings 1:5–10 by Brian Mann

Today I preached from 1 Kings 1:5–10 and called the message “No Place for Tyranny.” The book of 1 Kings opens with King David on his death bed and his eldest surviving son Adonijah acting as a prototypical adversary against the kingdom, seeking to take the position of king not by call but by cunning. The question is: Is there any hope for God’s kingdom. The answer is: Absolutely. God will root out the undiluted pride, the unexamined profession, and the unbecoming behavior of this adversarial king, and see to it that his chosen and loved king is installed in Zion. He has ultimately done this through Jesus Christ, and cast Satan out, declaring the victory of Christ through the resurrection and ascension. The Christian church can have hope against all tyranny whether in politics, church, home, and workplace because of God’s promise in Christ that “it will not be so among you!” (cf. Mark 10:42–45)