Today on the Briefing, Albert Mohler begins his commentary on today’s world’s events with a very important issue: how long can Christians participate in the medical field with their convictions in tact? (Link:

The reason that Mohler speaks on this issue as he has is because of the court or laws demanding in America and in Canada are being used to trump the rights that medical professionals have. Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide is being demanded to be performed under law in Ontario Canada. Euthanasia was a felony when many of these doctors entered the practice, but now they are being told they must do it. They must under law kill human beings. This world is going nuts.

Doctors have become merely facilitators to whatever the fallen human will desires! Science (Real observational science) has been used to save lives, but now those in the medical field are being taught to practice bad ethics. 

Good science demands good ethics, and the application of science in medicine does as well. Doctors are under God, and should be submissively, and playing God is a great sin. 

Medical students are being forced to “steer clear” of areas of medicine like obstetrics and gynecology because it will force them to perform abortions. This pressure seems to be growing. But I can assure you that people, even secular people who say they don’t believe in God, do not want Christians exiting the medical field. When those who have the greatest ethics to protect life from the very beginning and to preserve life to the very end are forced out, then even the secular world will be negatively effected. One day they will want to make sure that the doctor who is treating them actually values their lives. 

So, for this Science Tuesday the big issue is that ethics matters in science and applied sciences, medicine, and even law. The world may not agree with the Christian message, and will not apart from grace, but to be sure, the foolishness of the world does not stop at the rejection of Christ, but the rejection of common sense. No one in their right mind wants doctors to care for them that are willing to expend of them. 

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