I was looking for a good family fun night movie this past week and came across Aeronauts. The trailer and the reviews looked quite thrilling, but not too over the top for a family flick. For the most part it delivered.

The movie historical-fiction with a stretch. The stretch is adding the character Amelia (to bring press to women aeronauts and aviation explorers at the time in history like Amelia Earhart). Originally it was another scientists who went up with the main character Eddie Redmayne (played by James Glaisher; Amelia played by Felicity Jones).

Nonetheless, the story really brings to light the great risk (and worthy one at that) of explorer meteorology to be able to predict the weather. Think about all of the benefits we have today because such exploration took place! That’s really what I walk away with after the movie.

There is one scene of sacrifice that is on the verge of suicide in the movie, but it is manageable through some discussion. The other parts of the movie are thrilling and funny at times. It’s action packed and beautiful. The sights of the clouds and the butterflies at unimaginable heights is simply astounding. Much of the film captured real scenes all over the world. You can certainly read more up on that on your own. But for my purposes, I’d recommend the movie as giving famlies a great work of art to behold and discuss. I would caution very young children from watching (it does hold a pg-13 rating for a reason).

Enjoy the arts, and remember who makes things truly beautiful and gives man the mind to discover. Blessings !