Saturday is especially a day that I pray for media and the arts, this including the writing of good books and the use of all sorts of literature, media, arts, etc. Today, I would like to share with you about a biography on Elizabeth Prentiss called More Love to Thee.

I purchased the book from [Reformation Heritage](  It is a Banner of Truth book, which always promises to bring the wisdom of the past into the present.  

I attracted to this book due to the hymn by which it was titled “More Love To Thee.” The hymn is a rich expression of desire to do more for the Lord who has done so very much for us in Christ. Perhaps that is the very reason why I am endeavoring to write this brief article and do some blogging on other items? 

Nonetheless, the history of one of the stanzas was of great use to me in teaching pastors in recent times who are in a military area. 

It tells of Prentiss’s experience with engaging wounded men in the war. She writes,

The torture of wounded men in the ambulances was so frightful, that Mr H. gave each of them morphine enough to kill three well men. They ‘cried for it like dogs and licked my hands lest they should lose a drop’, he adds.”

James writes thereafter that Prentiss shared a short story of a young soldier dying, 

“remembering his misspent youth, but also remembering his mother’s prayers. The spirits of evil hover, waiting their prey. But then he remembers that ‘one refuge alone awaited him [and] cried in his despair:  “Here, Lord, I give myself away; ’Tis all that I can do.” And as the words died on his lips, the two evil spirits stepped aside and gave place to the angels who came to bear the new-born soul into the presence of its Redeemer.’ “

Wow, that gives some rich thought to the great hymn. The book is a delight to read through if you like biography and history. I recommend that it make the readership of believers in our church.

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