Today is media Saturday. I recall hearing at one time John MacArthur Jr. speaking of not watching TV but watching programs. The difference is intentionality. Watching TV means flipping through channel after channel and watching programs means you go to a watch something specifically with intention. 

This becomes very relevant when taking on the host of media options we have today. No longer are we tempted to simply watch TV, but now the internet on Facebook, and particularly streaming channels which post up a host of advertising that one cannot avoid. 

That is my intention to mention today, namely the issue of streaming products that place advertising before the viewer that cannot be avoided. At times, the advertising is palatable, but at other times the views of horrific pictures or sexually seductive have no place in the Christian’s life and home. 

In today’s Spurgeon devotion I read: “There is no moment of our life, however holy, in which we can do without His constant upholding.” True. And if that is true when things are holy, what about when things are utterly dark and unholy?

Recently, I was using a Roku streaming device where the pictures on the right column became increasingly offensive and horrific. I realized this stuff can’t be before my children’s eyes. Prior to this there were some images that I tolerated not only on Roku, but on PureFlix. It was not just on secular programming but on so called Christian programming that sexually seductive pictures were put up. To give Pureflix credit, after writing them they changed the feature film that kept coming up, that I complained about. Nonetheless, the point is that we cannot control what is going to come up on streaming devices in ads, unless those streaming devices give us the freedom to choose not only the channels we want, but the programs without ads.  I trust there are some streaming devices that may have this or will. But to be sure, there is much liability to have ads coming up that we cannot control, where we are tempted more and more to view things we never agreed to view. The difference is between watching TV versus watching programs. I prefer the latter.

Besides, one must ask the question: Who’s in control? The remote or you?

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