Saturday is for media. Be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little ears what you hear–comes to mind when viewing some shows.

One show that is of some concern for children is called Peppa Pig which plays on Noggin. At first the show looks cute, but with some examination some parents agree that it is not the best. 

Some reviews on Common Sense Media include the following comments:

The pigs in this show can be pretty rude. I let my 3 year old watch it [for] a while and he turned into a terror! At first the snorting was kind of cute. But the other things the pigs say and do are pretty bad. A week after I cut him off we were back to normal.”

At first it was cute, but Peppa can be very bossy and rude. My daughter (4) becomes quite bossy and rude after watching Peppa Pig. Her listening skills deteriorate and it takes a day or so before she is back to normal. Also, the name calling is inappropriate. There is an episode where the kids have a fort and Peppa Pig creates a password, “Daddy’s fat stomach/tummy” that must be said before anyone is allowed to enter. Daddy pig does not want to say it because it makes him feel uncomfortable. But Mama pig laughs and says it to enter the tree house, which forces Daddy pig to go along with it. I let her watch the rest of the episode hoping for a positive lesson. Instead, I ended up going over the scenes with my daughter explaining that this secret password to get into the tree house was not funny but mean and disrespectful.”

Cute but bad role models… (writes a parent with an 8+ child) Parents enable rude child… Honestly, I’ve never been the type of mom to obsessively monitor every single thing my son hears or sees…But this show threw me for a loop. The main character is so rude and downright ugly towards other characters that are suppose to be friends. And the parents do absolutely NOTHING! I sat and watch the show pretty passively with my son one day, and I didn’t think to really watch it because every parent I know says their kids is obsessed with it and it’s SUPER adorable. Frankly, after passively watching more episodes than I care to admit, I started noticing some behaviors that I would have definitely not tolerated if my son were to act that way. I watched some more episodes after my son went to bed that night and I didn’t see a consistent pattern of noticeable consequences to the negative actions. I mentioned it to my brother and my friends who have children that frequently watch the show. They were all pretty stunned that they hand’t really noticed how the sow doesn’t clearly or even vaguely outline the negative actions as generally unacceptable. I support shows that have characters that aren’t always nice and that make mistakes or have bad days, but they also show how it can lead to some sort of consequence and ideally teach lessons to the young audience on what they should do differently. ESPECIALLY if the show’s target audience is at a stage where they’re learning the most about effective and acceptable social interaction.” 

So, there is obvious concern. From a Christian perspective we know that it is not what is outside a person that defiles him, but what comes from within. Nevertheless, there are some shows that bring out sin worse than others. I don’t recommend Peppa Pig for its obvious perils and lack of positive lessons.

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