It’s Saturday and that means media. The things we listen to have a great effect on us. If we listen to things that are good, they stick with us; if we listen to things that are bad, they stick with us. One preacher said this, 

“God made music to worship him, but sometimes bad music seeps into our spirit and we are not even aware that we have held on to it. You have to guard what you listen to. We must feed on the Word of God as an armorment in the spiritual warfare.”

Some things stick with us that are really good. Very good. They are not so good in themselves, but they bring you back to good places and times. First a negative example: some in the sixties have songs in their minds that bring them back to that period of time that was full of drug use, rebellion, etc. And of course that would not be good. But let me tell you about when I hear certain songs, I remember salvation.

Today, I celebrate 22 years to this date of knowing the Lord. He has been faithful. There are songs that I listen to today that bring back when I first came to know Christ. But instead of creating simple nostalgia that makes me want to go back; I never do; I want to go forward. I need music that makes me want to go forward. I need media that makes me go forward. There is really only one option for the Christian and it is forward. And even the media of our memory is meant to take us forward.

We must go forward. Music that makes us go backward is bad media. I need Psalms, and Hymns, and Spiritual Songs that make melody in my heart, not substitutes that make sadness in my soul. I’ve left the old life, and I am a new man. I’m not looking for songs of the past unless they are songs way back that bring me way forward. 

We need to pray for, work for, and produce media that when time goes on it doesn’t make people want to go back, but forward. That’s what I am thinking today on media. We need media that is full of God’s Word, and God’s Word is pressing us forward. We don’t need songs of failure, we need songs of faith! We don’t need a song that “takes us back” unless going back means it’s going to take us forward. We need forward march type media.

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