David Powlison in his book called Safe & Sound, chapter 5, narrows down the majority of counseling cases to three categories: Anger, Fear, and Escapism. It dawned on me that the three aspects of Jesus’ Lordship proposed by John Frame apply to these as well: Control, Authority, and Presence. For example:

In helping someone with Anger the issue is often unforgiveness, bitterness, and wanting to take things into their own hands, even to take revenge. Therefore, the solution is to lead the person to submit to God’s authority in humility.

In helping someone with Fear the issue is that of isolation; that is we believe the lies that ultimately isolate us from others. Therefore, the solution is to lead people to rely on God’s presence. Powlison speaks about this in his chapter saying that the central promise in the Bible to fearful people is, “I am with you.”

In helping someone with Escapism (this includes anything which leads to addiction), the issue is that the person has gone too much to seeking pleasure because he or she is trying to escape. They begin to be hopeless about getting out of their pattern of addiction. Therefore, the solution is to lead people to see God’s control. God’s control means he has the might or power to bring anyone out of any addiction.

So, there you have it. I have combined two things I have learned simply to reflect on the very fact that all human needs, especially of the mind, are found met in the Lord. When we are feeling angry, let us remember that the Lord is the authoritative judge, not us. When we are feeling fearful, let us remember God’s presence with us. When we are feeling hopeless in our escapes and addictions, let us never forget that God is in control of all things and thus able to deliver us out of any wrong debilitating pattern. His Lordship meets our counseling needs.