Today we had two encounters. First, at speech therapy a lady; we were coming out, and the lady came out and said I come here for my speech and my legs too. Lauren was drawn to her and they sat down together. She was real sweet, gentle and kind. She just sat and talked with us for a couple of minutes. It was tremendously encouraging. She was like a little angel. Who knows. (see Hebrews 13:2) This was out of the ordinary.

Then, another encounter at Bitty & Beaus. We let Lauren walk up and give Richard the card (At Bitty and Beau’s they give you a playing card to match when your coffee is ready).  So, she looks at him and points to him and points to herself. He said, “I know and understand what she is saying.” To which Sherry said, “You do.” And it was just another pleasant connection. These connections make a difference. These are blessings that change our daughter’s demeanor. Lauren was agitated, but when the lady above sat with her, she wasn’t. And the other incident was also encouraging. It’s kind of like an unspoken connection. Connecting.  That’s it! That makes a difference in disability, but also beyond, I am sure.  It’s something we want for everyone, with different abilities. 

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