I was reading an advent devotion to my family this morning that dealt with defining time. The author rightly pointed out that the secular world has rebelled against God’s definition of time. And by the way, he gets to define time because he is God. The secular world uses things like Common Era (C.E) and Before Common Era (B.C.E.) to define time. However, what truly defines time is that something significant happened, Jesus came (advented).

Secular holidays like memorial day, the fourth of July, etc. should not define the Christian’s calendar, but the principle of one day in seven to rest should. Unfortunately, many Christians simply don’t know what they want. The author pointed out that the secularists do know what they want, so they define things the way they want. Christians fall prey to the world when they disregard the moral command of setting apart one day in seven for rest.

Moreover, when it comes to the year, Christian’s have holidays that are not to be lumped in to the secular. Advent & Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, and even Ascension are appropriate markers for the year. These tell a story each year that needs never to be forgotten. I have often recognized all of these in some way except the Ascension. But having thought about the matter it is very important to pause for and recognize that Christ’s enthronement is worth considering in the year.

We don’t celebrate saint days, we celebrate the storyline of Scripture. This is what should define our time Christianly. May God help us to conform our lives and schedules more and more to his story week by week, and year by year. Amen.