I finished reading Safe & Sound: Standing Firm in Spiritual Battles by David Powlison. I did not read the appendix section in the back that details the difference between Jesus mode of ministry and ours. Nonetheless, the book in its main portion was a thoroughly helpful read. 

The chapters were short and easy to digest. Moreover, the content itself was a much needed refresher on the ordinariness of spiritual battle for the Christian life. Spiritual battle according to Powlison is not the ability to cast out demons, but the ability given by God through the ordinary means of grace through Christ to overcome sin, self, and Satan. He makes a very good case that we need not get involved in exorcism ministry, but get involved in counseling ministry. 

Powlison wrote his book for those who do help others, so it is not a self-help book, but rather a book to help you help others. Furthermore, the book gets guntwrenchingly real in the last chapter called “The Last Battle.” Those who followed David Powlison know that he died this past year. The last chapter are some of his last words as he faced that last battle. I truly appreciate they were written, and they give a counseling aspect to the matter of spiritual warfare that only I trust David could have given by God’s grace in his circumstances. The glory be to God alone.

I recommend Safe & Sound: Standing Firm in Spiritual Battles to anyone wanting to help others live the Christian life better. It’s not just for professional counselors or pastors, but for Christians who want to help their brothers and sisters in the faith and family members.