Dr. Troxel taught me Ecclesiology through a continuing Ed class via the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. I’ve told some that if I wasn’t a Baptist, I’d be with the OPC. So, when I learned that Dr. Troxel released a book I was eager to take up and read.

I was not disappointed to find a great emphasis on the three-fold office of Christ applied to the heart, just as I had heard him apply it to the church and Christian ministry in the past. Then I was in Chicago, but now in the comfort of my home in North Carolina. It was refreshing to read. It was reading of a very thoughtful treatise that took time and communion with the triune God to develop.

I’ve benefited greatly in my own studies as I read it as I studied the beginnings of Solomon’s life. It made a fine companion. I recommend it ‘with all my heart’. Only read it slowly and savor each part. The Lord of my heart be praised for this gift of thinking to the church. Amen.