I was reading an article this morning that brought out an interesting relationship between the acceptance of the Bible’s divine inspiration with divine omnipotence. The author says,

“Perhaps what is in view in the idea of inspired error is that the inspiration, though proceeding from a good and omniscient God, is simply ineffectual to the task at hand. That is, it fails to accomplish its intended purpose. In this case another attribute of God, His omnipotence, is negotiated away. Perhaps God is simply unable to superintend the writings of Scripture with sufficient power to overcome the human authors propensity for error.”

One Foundation: Essays on the Sufficiency of Scripture, p.10

Dear soul, have you ever considered that to deny the Bible’s inspiration by God, one also is to deny God’s irresistible power. We are not merely talking about God’s authority (right) to inspire revelation of the Bible, but the power (or might) to inspire the Holy Bible.

God in his power carried along the biblical writers by his power so as to bring about exactly what he wanted to say to man. This is the foundation perhaps of a correct view of Scripture.

The Lord be praised for his ability that brought about the Holy Bible! Consider if man is powerful enough to design and turn on what we would consider advanced modern devices, how much more is the Lord God able to bring about revelation with power! And the Bible is evidence that He has!