Today our family had to make an emotionally tough decision to return our dog to the breeder. This was an option the breeder gave us if the dog was too much for our family. As much as we were looking forward to having a pet for our family and also a help for our special needs daughter, the dog was not suitable. So, with much prayer and discussion we took up the offer of the breeder to return him.

Our dog probably needed to be in a different environment with other dogs in order to be happy. We are grateful to the Lord for the breeder who allowed us to have the dog, but also grateful that she let us return the dog. We made some good memories and learned some things along the way.

The main thing we learned was to depend on the Lord for Lauren’s needs, to be content, and rest in him. We also learned that we are capable of doing a lot in a given day; as we gave 100% to meeting every need. The experience made us more aware of simply redirecting that energy toward the things we have existing and giving ourselves a bit more margin to work with. Furthermore, our daughters contributed to some very thoughtful and spiritually mature thinking in seeking to do what was right in the matter; for this we are most grateful. Our family walked through this together depending the Lord both in getting the dog and returning him. That being said, we still love dogs and see value in pet ownership. Maybe one day we will revisit the matter, but for now, we will trust the Lord and rest in this decision. We appreciate your prayers in the matter.