I’ve attempted it several times, but admittedly Bible reading plans are difficult for me to follow. I prefer simply to plod along, going to the next chapter and reading it. This keeps me from the unnecessary guilt if I miss a day, or even the need to rush through several texts when I am compelled to dwell upon a certain portion.

Now, I say this not to condemn anyone who works well with Bible reading plans. I have those in my immediate family who do quite well with the discipline. However, there are others like myself who find it more of a burden than a delight.

In Acts 15 the apostles and elders placed no other burden on the people except to act morally/lawfully in keeping with the gospel of grace they had received.

So, I make this little note to encourage both those who do well with reading plans as well as those do not. Carry on. We are made differently—and that is ok. But as for me, I prefer to plod in a different way, however lawfully.

It’s perhaps like David’s armor. He could not put on another’s that weighed him down. So, I’d encourage everyone to find a way to read the Bible that simply helps them to be exposed to all of God’s Word, whether in the form of a reading plan, or simply just reading it through.

Most importantly, let’s not look down on each other for how we read the Bible, but build each other up simply to read the Bible. Is it not a tremendous privilege? Consider that some are illiterate and depend solely upon the reading of the Word to them each Sunday. Yet, for many, we are privileged to be able to pick up the Bible daily! What a delight, in whatever way you pick it up!

Perhaps the focus should not be on how we pick it up for ourselves, but how we might pick it up for and with others. Is there someone in your congregation who doesn’t know how to read? Is there someone who needs the truth of Scripture that you can read with and to? I am sure there are those who read the Bible better than me, because they are reading it so that others who otherwise could not, may also hear it. This is something we could all aspire to attain. That’s a reading plan for everyone! A plan to bring the Scriptures to others who for whatever reason are unable or even unwilling yet to bring it to themselves.