Today, as I think of homemakers in particular, I recall my own grandmother who I called “nana.” I learned from her that the home was real work. The things that had to be done in the home required time and effort. It was a full-time job in itself. And this was after all her children by blood had left the home, and I was left. So, you understand that I was raised by my grandmother in regards to daily needs, and I learned something from her.

Nevertheless, the greatest thing I learned from her was at the end of her life. She was in the hospital, and so I visited her, and she had an unusual glow about her; meaning happiness and joy that I do not recall ever observing. She was so glad to see me. Of course this is very sentimental, but the point is this, she looked at me and told me to read the gospel of John. That stayed with me. In the coming months she died, and in the coming years I came to read not only the gospel of John, but in God’s providence, the whole Bible. I became a believer in Jesus Christ and understood that someone must have shared the gospel with her and she was saved.

I share this in the sense, that as wonderful as homemaking is, knowing Christ as early as you can is most important. I give thanks to God for what I learned about the real work of the home in observing my grandmother, but I give exceedingly more thanks to God for the last moments I was able to see my grandmother and hear her recommendation to read the Bible. Thus, I’d challenge every woman in every vocation to do the same, so that whatever you do, you would do your work (and homemaking is real work) heartily for the Lord, rather than men. Moreover, God is gracious to those who having set an example in the home, yet may have been long in coming to know Christ. Salvation is never in what we do, but in what Christ has done for us. I believe that can sanctify those at the start of their journey in ministering to their families, but I also believe for some, like my grandmother, God in his rich mercy and grace, chooses to bring gladness to their hearts closer to the door to their real and final home.

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