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Martin G. Selbrede writes an extensive and helpful article interacting with Rushdoony’s book called Revolt Against Maturity. Such articles interest me because they point out the failure of secular psychology which is ultimately without a head, and plays on the emotions of man. Before I was a Christian I was studying abnormal psychology aiming at becoming a doctor of such. I recall reading the case book (DSM as Selbrede refers to) and seeing understandably how it was without any real authority. I saw lack, need, impotency in man’s ideas before I even was a believer; or should I say leading up to becoming a believer by God’s grace alone. I find today that being a doctor of the soul (as preachers are called to be) is far better and effective in people’s lives. Only God and the Bible have the real solutions to man’s psychological problems. Here is an excerpt from the article, but I encourage to read the whole of it. I cite this little paragraph because it deals with hope. And secular psychology doesn’t offer real hope, only the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ does that.

Hope, unfortunately, has been hijacked by the humanists. “The momentum of socialism has been its offer of hope; its growing crisis and coming collapse rests in the fact that it is a false hope.” (249) Because men operate in terms of hope, our view of the future is important, impacting our sense of duty and responsibility. “Hope is not only man in the present affirming a conviction about the future, it is also the future acting on the present.” (248) “A hope concerning the future becomes the cause of that future.” (249) No surprise then that tyrants seek to destroy hope, whereby the only future is the one they preside over.

From this article you can read in whole here.

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