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When we doubt that the Lord is still holding us when in distress, and lifts our heads when they are held is sorrow, and acting for us in this world after his resurrection, we need to look to the account of the raising of Dorcas where we see that our Lord Jesus Christ is unlike the cold, dumb, deaf, mute and impotent idols that man makes of religion. 

Essentially what is set forth here is a Christian renaissance. The word “renaissance” is French for “rebirth” and can speak also of “rediscovery.” From the Renaissance as we know it in history was born the reformation. It was when people wanted to go “back to the sources” otherwise called ad fontes, that the renaissance came about and paved the way for the Protestant Reformation, a Christian Renaissance if you will. The Renaissance went from Greece to Rome and throughout the rest of Europe spreading to Germany, France, and England and elsewhere. The Reformation inevitably followed. So, in this line of thinking, we have here a rediscovery by the people, a renaissance that after Christ’s resurrection there is not only life in heaven, but life to be had on earth. Just like the renaissance that we know paved the way for light to come out of darkness, so here, we begin with darkness, and see light come forth so as to rediscover that our Lord still holding us when there is a Satanic remonstrance, seeing our sorrowful remembrances, and acting in a saving renaissance on earth.

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