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If there is anything I have learned in preaching from Acts it is the often neglected portions of the book contain keys to understanding the whole. The first temptation came to skip over the installation of Matthias in the first chapter, but we would have missed out in meditating on God as the heart-knower! Others came along the way, including attempting a series that just gathered a few texts from Acts. But I can really see something to consecutive study in the book at this point. It is often in these texts that commentators and preachers skip judging them unsubstantial that the most substantial things are found.

In the case of Acts 9:32–35 we see something that is ultimately about conversion. It is as if we never left the subject of Saul’s conversion as we are introduced to another description of what conversion is—a turning to the Lord (v.35). Nevertheless, there are things leading up to this that we must reserve until our gathering. In the meantime, I only wish to highlight in this post how substantial is every Word that God has breathed for us to read, treasure, and obey.

Luther’s statement of Satan being conquered by that “one little Word will fell him, That Word above all earthly powers” comes to mind. Oh, the power of the Scriptures, every single one of them—and this to the end that Jesus Christ is above all—glorified.

He alone is the true heavy-weight fighter, against whom none can contend with success, except by grace (cf. Genesis 32:28).

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