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Today at our church facility we had a large tree cut down, and I thought about R.C. Sproul who was converted by a very unusual verse from Ecclesiastes:

“If a tree falls to the south or to the north, in the place where the tree falls, there it will lie.” (Ecclesiastes 11:3)

Stephen Nichols writes,

“It cut R.C. in two. He saw himself as that tree. He saw himself in a state of torpid paralysis, fallen, rotting, and decaying. He left the table and returned to his dorm room. When he entered, he didn’t turn on the light. He just knelt down beside his bed, praying to God, asking God to forgive his sins. R.C. never made it to Youngstown, Ohio, that Friday night. God had other plans for his life.”

(p.39 in bio)

Sproul went on to comment, “I think I’m probably the only person in church history who was converted to Christ by that verse.” Nonetheless, what a person to be converted. God can use anything in his world when viewed through the power of His Word to save a soul!

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