Saturday is for media (my apologies for missing yesterdays Flavel Friday, it became a bit busier in preparation for Sunday this week and I had to leave off, nonetheless…). This year I read a book called Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss (1869). The edition I chose was from Lamplighters, a highly recommended publisher of classic works published for children. This book is described by Mark Hamby, the publisher, as one of the books that has appeared to have the greatest impact.

Stepping Heavenward is a novel of sorts that is written like you are reading through the journal of a young girl on into her adult years. She struggles with anger, not wanting to pray, among other things to times where she has come to treasure Christ. Moreover, she records her marriage struggles and how she learned to get on with her husband. It is supposedly a peak into the life of the actual author Elizabeth Prentiss, whose biography I reviewed prior to this book. It seems her writing this book was therapeutic to her own life’s struggles, making it an honest and genuine assessment of life and faith.

I’d recommend giving it a read for both adults and children. It is a small book, nice size print, but a good amount of pages (389). But the journey is worth the labor through and through. The book ends with this exclamation:

“O gift of gifts! O grace of faith!
My God! how can it be
That Thou, who has discerning love,
Shouldst give that love to me?

“How many hearts Though lightest have had
More innocent than mine!
How many souls more worth far
Of the secret touch of Thine?

“Oh, grace! into unlikeliest hearts
It is thy boast to come
The glory of They light to find
In darkest spots at home.

“Oh, happy, happy that I am!
If thou canst be, O faith,
The treasure that thou art in life
What will thou be in death?

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