A Great Place to Grow Up in the Word!

In union and communion with Jesus Christ, CLBC is aiming to equip families and individuals to grow up in the Word (biblical discipleship) so as to conquer the world (the aspect of humanity still in Satan’s grip) for the glory of God’s infinite, eternal, and unchangeable being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth (the spread of God’s glorious kingdom) in the Catherine Lake region.


We gather on the Lord’s Day and pray, praise in song, listen to the Word preached, & participate in the Lord’s Supper. The main part of our service is preaching. The pastor preaches about one hour, and the other thirty minutes is taken up in other aforementioned elements supporting the preaching of God’s Word. Evening services include singing, prayer, and Bible study, and last about one hour. Moreover, it is our common practice to gather together as families from the youngest to the oldest. It is the responsibility and privilege of the parents to teach their children how to worship the Lord; we endeavor to come alongside you to help do this, believing you will reap greater rewards by working hard at this, than if you had done otherwise.

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catherinelakebaptist [at] gmail.com


2064 Catherine Lake Road

Richlands, NC 28574

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