Pastoral Invite

brianWelcome to the CLBC website!  Ruled by Jesus Christ our chief Shepherd and Overseer of our souls, we are called out of the world through the ministry of His Word, by His Spirit, and given unto Him by the Father, so that we may walk in ways of obedience prescribed to us in His Word.  The Triune God has chosen His church of visible saints, however imperfect at the present time, to continue to hold fast their confession of faith in Christ.  He intends for us who are thus called, to walk together in particular churches, for each other’s mutual edification, and public worship in the world. 

The preaching of the word, prayer, the sacraments, covenant fellowship, and the church’s governance all serve as means of grace in our lives to conform us more and more to the image of Christ.  Dear believer, I urge you to not neglect this beautiful architecture of grace made available to you, and to gather with others under the Lordship of Jesus Christ for God’s glory and your own joy in Christ, every Lord’s Day; and for other services that are afforded to you by God’s providence for the same reasons.  We stand as ministers of the gospel, ambassadors for Christ, declaring and preaching, that Jesus Christ yet stands before sinners, calling, inviting, encouraging them to come to Him, according to His Holy Word.  Do not postpone coming until you think you are better, but confess your badness and give yourself up right now to Christ who alone can make you better, and gather into the local church and sit under the Word preached until God’s light rises in your hearts as the Bible promises it will do as you pay attention to it (2 Pet. 1:19).


Neither delay because you cannot find a perfect church.  We are not a perfect church, and therefore have this one caveat (caution) to those wishing to find one.  These words are spoken by the late and famous C.H. Spurgeon:

It is true that if you do not join a Church till you find a perfect one you will not be a Church member this side of Heaven, but I may add, that if there were such a Church, the moment your name was written in the list it would leave off being a perfect Church, for your presence would have destroyed its perfection!
If you are coming to pick holes, and quiz, and question, and find fault, and talk about inconsistencies and so forth, then you may pass on and join some other army. But if you have come peaceably to our Lord and to us, then I offer you a hearty welcome. We are not anxious to enlist men who love to have the pre-eminence, nor men of fierce temper, nor unforgiving spirits, nor proud, envious, lovers of strife—we want only those who have the mind of Christ! Come peaceably, or come not at all. (Sermons, Vol. 30, #1770 “Recruits For Jesus” Feb. 17, 1884)

Therefore, come in light of Christ’s commands with faith.  Come because of God’s gracious providence.  Come resting on God’s promises.  Come in the Spirit of peace.


Brian J. Mann

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