Pastoral Invite


Hello, my name is Brian Mann, and I am the pastor of Catherine Lake Baptist Church.  The church is a family composed of many families, some broken, and some which appear not so broken.  However, we all come from the same parents, Adam and Eve, and are born sinners in need of redemption through the promised one named Jesus Christ, our Lord.  God promised to restore us individually and corporately through Jesus Christ; and revealed that this would be applied not by our works, but by faith in His work.  God has planned, performed, and applied all that is necessary for salvation in the lives of those who have taken Him at His Word.  The road to restoration begins with His Word and His people.  God continues to work through the church to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to families and individuals who need Him.  I invite you as the pastor of this church to come to Jesus and come to church.  Those who believe in Him, the Bible says, will never be disappointed.  If you’d like to know a bit more about me as a pastor, read on…

I came to know Jesus Christ by reading the Bible and praying at night.  I began with Genesis 1, and believed it.  At this time I was also going to church with my wife and her family.  After about three months God used various circumstances, the preaching, and my personal time with God in His Word and prayer to bring me to a profession of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I was baptized on June 8, 1997, and began attending a Sunday School class with other couples.  I grew and also began to attend midweek services which were geared toward equipping the saints for ministry.  After two years, I found young men and women coming to me for understanding of God’s Word.  I became burdened to help them because they were not in Sunday School but were hungry.  In an effort to help them, I asked the associate pastor for permission to begin a class.  Upon doing this, God began to burden me for ministry of the gospel.  I accepted the call to preach, and it was a real call, that same year, and went off to Southeastern Seminary in their undergraduate program because I did not possess a college degree yet.  Much more could be said about how God taught me to hear His voice throughout this time, but it is suffice to say, God was training me prior to school.  During my first semester in school, I began preaching in various places; this lead to a call to pastor a church about an hour or so from school.  I served there for much of my degree.  I completed my undergrad and took another pastorate for less than a year.  I can admit ministry was very difficult because of the exposure to suffering in people’s lives.  The Lord continued to train me by His grace, and I took a two year break working for a Chickfila for about two years.  In this time, I found I was still definitely called to ministry and surrendered afresh.  That is when I received the call to Catherine Lake Baptist Church.  I have been serving here since January 1, 2009.

Something wonderful happened while I have been here in addition to seeing people’s lives changed and some even going into ministry themselves.  I was given opportunity to begin seminary, where I am enrolled at Southwestern in their Masters of Theological Studies.  I am grateful that I am a pastor who remains a student by His grace.  And I hope only to grow more and more to be the pastor I need to be to shepherd God’s flock here in these days.  Grateful for the opportunity.

I trust not in myself, but in the Lord, that if you come to Catherine Lake Baptist Church, God will use your time spent there to equip you to fulfill what God has called you to be and do.  I welcome those seeking to be restored to Him and to be something for the One who has been everything for us, namely the Lord Jesus Christ.

Other facts you may be interested to know about me and my family:

  • We are a homeschooling family.  We believe that the education of our children is the responsibility of parents no matter what form of education is chosen.  Every parent has the responsibility to do their best to make sure they are receiving a God-centered education, not a godless one.
  • We are a family with a special needs daughter.  Our third child was born with Cri-du-chat (otherwise called 5p- syndrome).  God has used this diagnosis to shape us to see life very differently.  We are grateful for every child entrusted to us and value the disabled in the community.  Life, all life, is important and valuable.
  • We are sold out to Jesus.  Everything we are and have is because of Him.  We depend on the Lord to provide for us as we provide for God’s people.  Being in full time ministry is an act of faith.  We put our lives in the offering plate when we entered ministry, and we are not disappointed we have.  God has and is good to us, and we want to be good for Him.

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