Our Church Covenant

Testifying to God’s Sovereignty and Grace which has placed us in this body for the purpose of Christian communion and discipleship and the spread of His Glorious Kingdom, we hereby renew our covenant with one another, to:

  • LOVE the Lord Jesus Christ supremely, and to love one another, and to
  • Exercise MERCY to the suffering and poor, and to ensure
  • TRUTHful teaching takes place in our church, making it a healthy place for God’s children, and to
  • Pursue HOLINESS in our hearts, minds, and actions both inside and outside the church, and to remain
  • Alive in our WITNESS to the world remembering that we came to know Him because someone shared the Gospel with us, and
  • IN ALL these THINGS, and in all of life, and in all we attempt to do in this church for God’s Glory, may we
  • Never let go of a GOD-CENTERED GOSPEL, and
  • TRUST the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.



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