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  • Telling a Better Story


    Gospel preaching aims to bring about a certain ethic in life; so much so, that teaching that does otherwise may be considered different, of another kind, and out of “accordance with the glorious gospel of the happy God” which the church has been entrusted.  More specifically, the glorious aspect of what Paul speaks of in […]

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  • Creating an Atmosphere of Worship


    Opinions vary about creating an atmosphere of worship, but usually the focus is on aesthetics and music.  While these things are certainly important, nothing sets the stage for worship like humility.  James writes “Who is wise and understanding among you?  By his good conduct let him show his works in the meekness of wisdom” (James […]

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  • Exposition of Sermon Illustrations


    Illustrations should only go so far as the speaker intends his point to take them.  Even so, the use of illustrations on the part of the hearer, may become the total focus or (more predominately) the beginning of a point unintended.  Thus, hearers of preaching often ‘read into’ sermons just as we all have the […]

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  • The Tongue in Community

    sheep on edge

    In James 3 the tongue is described like a linchpin to the life of the community of the church.  Unfortunately, James 3:1 can be misused to discourage teaching out of fear of judgment.  Even so, the point of the chapter is clear when reading as a whole, that it is important for each member of […]

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  • Giving the Angels Something to Look At


    Douglas Moo notes in his excellent commentary on James that there are two results of “the cooperation between Abraham’s faith and works,”[1] namely: Abraham is declared righteous. Abraham is called a friend of God. The first, according to Moo served as a motto more than a prophecy.  The second result illustrates what it means to […]